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Age Verification


Age verification under U.S. and U.S. state laws.


Recently, the FDA, and many states within the U.S., instituted new laws deeming electronic cigarettes as tobacco products and as such, have imposed regulations that require us to verify the age of our customers in order to ensure that our products remain out of the hands of underage users. As of August 8th, 2016, under both federal and state law, we are now required to age verify our U.S. customers and confirm that they are of legal smoking age prior to delivering their orders.


Why is Vapor Liq verifying my Age?


Vapor Liq is committed to only selling products to adults and to protecting the identity and privacy of its users. As a part of meeting this commitment, Vapor Liq uses a non-affiliated third party age and identity verification company, Veratad Technologies, LLC, to ensure that its online customers are of age and that they are who they say they are.


Veratad’s AgeMatch Age Verification service uses multiple trusted data sources containing billions of public records to return an age validation based on the personal information that a customer elects to submit. This service is specifically designed to both validate and protect each and every individual's identity while maintaining the highest level of consumer privacy when processing online transactions.


How does Veratad’s Age Verification work?


Veratad’s access to public records allows them to validate the information you provide and in some cases, depending on the nature of your purchase, present a series of multiple choice questions based on non-credit related (“out-of-wallet”) historical facts about you as an individual. These facts are obtained by instantaneously scanning billions of public records from trusted data sources containing information that would not generally be found in your wallet if lost or stolen.


Is the information I provide secure?


Absolutely. Veratad’s secure 256bit encryption technology ensures the safest possible delivery of the information you provide online. In addition, Veratad DOES NOT store your sensitive personal information or share (or sell) any data with other third parties; this practice ensures that unauthorized parties cannot gain access to your sensitive personal information.


What happens if I cannot be verified by the Age Verification process?


A small percentage of shoppers may not be verifiable due to limited availability of publicly available information contained within the AgeMatch databases. If this happens, we will make every attempt possible to reach out to you and verify your identity and age prior to shipping your package. This may include asking you to visually confirm your ID, your physical possession of your ID, placing your shipping address on file with your credit card, confirming your membership or account details, or confirming that you will be home at the time of delivery to present your ID to the delivery carrier.


Do I have to verify my age each time I place an order on the site?


No, we only need to age verify each customer once.  We store a record of each customer's age verification in their Vapor Liq website account.  If you have been successfully age verified and you are logged in to the same account where we have your age verification record, you will not be sent through the age verification system for subsequent orders placed on our website.  But, due to laws, regulations and how age verification works, there may be instances where we will need to re-verify your age.


I live outside of the United States. Can I be verified?


Veratad’s AgeMatch Age Verification is based solely on U.S. records and therefore does not currently offer age verification services for individuals residing outside of the U.S. (U.S. military addresses outside of the U.S. are acceptable, however).